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In this assessment project you need to plan and produce a publication which meets the requirements of the brief.

Please read the brief carefully before you start work.

Project 3 brief

Otago Peninsula Tourism recently produced an A4 poster and an A5 booklet to attract more visitors to the peninsula. Now they have decided to produce a simple fold-out brochure which provides a combination of visual and text information on the range of attractions available.

You are to produce a two-fold brochure (ie with three panels) on A4 stock which will be made available at visitor information centres. The brochure needs to include:

 to be edited:
Page 1
A cover page with the photo of Cape Saunders plus the text Otago Peninsula - not to be missed!
Page 2
The photos of Larnach Castle and the old lime kiln, with captions, plus the text Explore the peninsula's unique heritage.
Page 3
The photos of the white-faced heron and the white-headed stilt, with captions, plus a pull-quote: "I couldn't believe how close we got to the amazing bird life - this was an incredible experience!"
Page 4
The photos of the bus stop and the school welcome sign, with captions, plus the text Experience the local colour and a wonderful welcome.
Page 5
The photos of the sea lion and the squinting seal, with captions, plus a pull-quote: "Our remote beach walk turned into a close encounter with creatures we'd never seen before. We had a wonderful time - and we'll be back!"
Page 6
This is the back cover, with:
  • The heading Otago Peninsula - not to be missed!
  • The text When you're visitign Dunedin, don't forget the peninsula. Whether you want shops and cafes or to see our amazing wildlife close up, Otago Peninsula has a lot to offer.
  • The Otago flag (near the top)
  • The text Otago Peninsula Tourism (near the bottom)
  • Don't forget to spell check for accuracy!
  • Use a colour scheme throughout which harmonises well with the colours of the Otago flag.
  • Design for A5 layout.

You need to submit printouts of :

  • The completed booklet.
  • The publication plan. We strongly recommend you follow the sample planning format and process described in Unit 1.

Note: printouts may be hardcopy (on paper) or as PDF files. If you submit your work on paper, the A5 booklet may be printed single-sided and on A4 stock if you choose.