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Desktop App Development: tips, productivity, Swing and frameworks
Convenor: Andres, Andriy

Steffen, Andreas


Is Desktop Java dead? ... no! Issues:

  • modularity. Why do we need to load CORBA in the first place? -> smaller JRE would be better
  • JVM startup time
  • platform fidelity -> GUIs don't look native
  • integration bugs: clipboard, look and feel, drag & drop


  • JSR 296 Swing Application Framework -> dead
  • Eclipse RCP -> good if you know SWT
  • NetBeans -> alive and kicking
  • SwiXML -> apparently in zombie state
  • JMatter -> follows the NakedObjects pattern. Been winding down since 2008
  • Griffon -> Grails like alternative. Gaining steam

Recommendations go here

  • if you care about portability: NetBeans, Griffon
  • if you care about modularity: NetBeans, Eclipse RCP
  • if you care about fun: Griffon, NetBeans