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Date & Time : 3, July 2022 16:06

PSM V03 D546 Glass rope sponge


Phylum - Porifera

Class - Hexactinellida

Order - Amphidiscophora

Genus - Hyalonema

Common Name

Labelled diagram of HYALONEMA.jpg

Glass rope sponge


It is found along new England coast.


Hyalonema is a marine form found 10-15 meters deep in sea.

Identifying Characters

  • It has a rounded or oval body with a spirally twisted root tuft.
  • Spicules of root tuft continue through the sponge body as an axis or collumella and projects above as a gastral cone.
  • Root spicules are compact, stalk-like and twisted giving the appearance of a rope.
  • Middle part of collumella has symbiotic polyps.

General Characters

  • Skeleton consists of small amphidisc sspicules which are siliceous in nature.
  • Extending from all over the surface are small, branching, five-rayed spicules.