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Common name: Venus flower basket


Labelled diagram of EUPLECTELLA.jpg

Phylum: Porifera

Class: Hexactinellida

Order: Hexasterophora

Genus: Euplectella


Found in abundance near the Philippine island and West Indies.


Found abundantly in deep waters at the depth of 500 to 5,000 meters in slow running water.

Identifying Features

  • Long curved, cylindrical body fastened in the mud of sea bottom by a mass of long siliceous root spicules.
  • Size of individual varies from 15-30 cm in length and 2-5 cm in diameter.

Common Characters

  • Skeleton consists of four and six- rayed siliceous spicules which are interlaced and fused at their tips forming a three dimensional network with parietal gaps.
  • Canal system simple leuconoid, having thimble-shaped radial canals.
  • Parietal gaps in the in the network of spicules connect with the spongocoel.

Euplectella sp top.jpg
Euplectella sp bottom.jpg