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Date & Time : 19, May 2022 22:17



Phylum - Cnidaria

Class - Hydrozoa

Order - Hydroida

Genus - Tubularia

Geographical Distribution

Found in Europe and California


It is a marine form found attached to piles in shallow water.

Identifying Features

  • The colony of Tubularia consists of tufts of irregularly branched stems bearing hydranths arising from hydrorhiza.
  • Hydranths have long stalk and two sets of solid filiform tentacles.
  • Hydranths or polyps have flower like appearance.
  • Hydrocaulus is made up of transparent living tissue; coenosarc covered by perisarc.

Common Characters

  • Gonophores arise as hollow branches from the body of the hydranth between two sets of tentacles.
  • Colony is dioceous.
  • Meduases are borne by gonophores.
  • Reproduction occurs by both sexual and asexual means.