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Date & Time : 28, November 2023 09:42

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Phylum - Cnidaria

Class - Anthozoa

Order - Stolonifera

Genus - Tubipora

Common Name

Organ pipe coral

Habit and Habitat

It is a marine and colonial form. It is widely distributed on the coral reefs in warm waters.

Identifying Characters

  • Colony is made up of long and upright polyps.
  • Each polyp lives in a separate tube, which are parallel to each other.
  • Polyps are connected to each other by horizontal stolons at particular intervals.
  • Polyps are bright green in colour.
  • Skeleton is red in colour due to presence of iron salts.
  • Mesogleal Spicules are fused and closely fitted which forms the continuous tube for each polyp.
  • Skeleton is covered by an ectoderm and is thus internal.
  • Reproduction is asexual by budding.


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