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Date & Time : 29, September 2023 16:24


Common Name

Sea anemone or Plumose anemone



Found on the Atlantic Coast, Northen Pacific coast and Europe.


It is marine and sessile form, found attached to the rocks and solid objects; from tide pools to a depth of 90 fathoms.

Identifying Features

  • Body is cylindrical and divisible into 3 distinct reagions; pedal disc, column and oral disc.
  • Body size may vary from few centimeters to 1 meter.
  • Pedal disc (foot) helps in attachment with substratum.
  • Column is diffrentiated into two parts: Capitulum(thin-walled) and Scapus(thick-walled.
  • The wall of scapus is perforated by small openings called cinclides.
  • Oral disc has a mouth in the centre which is surrounded by numerous tentacles.

General Characters

Labelled diagram of METRIDIUM.jpg

  • Mouth opens into gastrovascular cavity via a short gullet.

  • Sea anemones are predaceous, immobilizing their prey with the aid of specialized stinging cells called nematocysts.

  • They feed on small planktons.

  • Sexes are separate. Gonads are present on mesentries.