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Date & Time : 18, May 2024 09:37

Madrepora occulata 600


Phylum - Cnidaria

Class - Anthozoa

Order - Madreporaria

Genus - Madrepora or Acropora

Common Name

Stag horn-coral

Habit and Habitat

It is a marine form and lives in colonies. Certain crutaceans live in close association with the coral


It is commonly found in Florida and West Indies.

Identifying Characters

Labelled diagram of MADREPORA.jpg
  • Also called, Acropora, it is a colonial coral.
  • Colony is highly branched, partly porous or reticulate.
  • Branching is less towards periphery.
  • The branches bear numerous small polyps in elevated cups separated by perforated coenosteum.
  • Polyps appear flower-like.
  • Terminal and lateral polyps contain six and twelve tentacles, respectively.
  • Corallite is made up of calcium carbonate and is secreted by the basal disc of polyp.
  • Corallite is without any central columella.
  • Colony increases in size by growth and budding of polyps.
  • The skeleton of Madrepora is very hard and it thus, plays an important role in coral reef formation. It is thus, also called hermatypic coral.

PSM V13 D329 Madrepore coral