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Date & Time : 28, November 2023 12:38

Hydra001 Hydra


Phylum - Cnidaria

Class - Hydrozoa

Order - Hydroida

Genus - Hydra

Geographical Distribution

Cosmopolitan, but most common in India, Canada and U.S.A.


It is freshwater solitary animal found attached to some objects in ponds, lakes and streams.

Identifying Features

  • Hydra is elongated, cylindrical and measures 1-3cm in length.
  • Proximal end of body is known as Basal disc or foot, and is used for locomotion.
  • The free distal end bears mouth situated on a conical elevation called the Hypostome.
  • Hypostome is encircled by 6-10 tentacles which are finger-like, hollow projection provided with nematocytes.
  • Body wall is Diploblastic.

Common Characters

  • Digestive cavity or GASTROVASCULAR CAVITY is enclosed by body wall.
  • Reproduction by both sexual and asexual means.
  • Gonads appear as buds on the sides of body.
  • Testes lie near the oral end and ovaries near the base.

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