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Date & Time : 16, July 2024 11:54

Nereis pelagica

Common Name:- Rag worm or clamworm.

Distribution:- cosmopolitan distribution.

Labelled diagram of NEREIS.jpg

Habit and Habitat:- found in marine, crawling type.

Identifying characters:-

  • It is the simplest annelid.
  • Body:- cylindrical and elongated.
  • Metamerism:- body consists of about 200 segments or metameres.
  • Head:- initial segments fused to form head consisting of eyes and peristomium.
  • Peristomium:- it consists of peristomial tentacles (four pairs) and mouth on the anterior surface.
  • Parapodia:- locomotory organs which are found on each segment of the body (exception- 1st and last segment). Each parapodium consists of notopodium , neuropodium and needle like setae (for crawling purpose).

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