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Date & Time : 2, December 2023 13:34


Common name:- Indian cattle leech.

Habit and habitat:- It is a fresh water species, sanguivorous ectoparasite, lives in ponds, lakes and swamos.

Distribution:- cosmopolitan distribution. But mainly found in India and Burma.

Food:- It feeds on blood of frog, animals and men.


Labelled diagram of Hirudinaria.jpg
  • Body- Body is soft, vermiform and dorsoventrally flattened, elongated and segmented
  • Body lenght- It is about 30-35 cm long.
  • Segments- It consists of 33 segments. Each segment is furthe diivided into 5 annuli.
  • Body division- Body is divided into cephalic, preclitellar, clitellar, middle, caudal and posterior sucker regions.
  • Suckers- Ther are two types of well developed suckers namely
  1. Anterior sucker
  2. Posterior sucker
  • Anterior sucker- It is oval in shape and formed by the fusion of prostomium and few anterior segments. It contain tri-radiate mouth.
  • Posterior sucker- It acts as powerful locomotary and adhesive organ. It is highly muscular.
  • It also contain eyes ( 5 pairs), receptor organs ( 7 pairs- 4 pair dorsal and 3 pair ventral).
  • Anus- It is located on 26th segment.
  • Hermaphrodite Sexual reproduction occurs.