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Date & Time : 22, September 2023 13:24

Sea Mouse.jpg

Common Name: Sea mouse

Distribution: found in U.S.A.

Habit and Habitat: marine and burrowing form.

Identifying features:-

  • Body-short and broad.
  • Body shape - oval,dorso-ventrally flattened.
  • Length - 7.5 to 12.5 cm with 30-35 segments.
  • Ventral surface- It is flat and segmented, consists of stiff setae and forms the creeping sole of the body.
  • Dorsal surface- It contains  soft notopodial long setae (irridescent, modified) orming a felt like covering on the surface. Dorsal cirri are modified into plate like structure called Elytra( 15 pair)..
  • Head- situated anteriorly having a median tentacle and a pair of lateral palps.
  • There are greatly modified parapodia in Aphrodite.
  • There are three types of setae present in notopodia. The organism is identified on the basis of these setae:-
  1. Soft setae-These setae forms the creeping sole of ventral surface.
  2. stiff setae-These soft notopodial setae are modified into  the felt like covering of dorsal surface.
  3. iridescent setae.
  • Anus-It is situated posteriorly on the dorsal surface.
Labelled diagram of Aphrodite.jpg