Department of Zoology at ANDC/Assignments on Applied Entomology/PRACTICE PAPER III

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Sarita Kumar

1. Differentiate between following pair of terms:

a) Locust and Grasshopper

b) Economic Threshold and Economic Injury Level

c) Scarabeiform larva and Campodeiform larva

d) Pest Spectrum and Pest load

e) Male bedbug and female bedbug

f) Bag storage and bulk storage

2. Define the Following:

a) Osmetarium

b) Myiasis

c) Gynandromorphs

d) Occasional Pest

e) Hemelytron

3. Write the Vector and the Pathogen:

a) 3-day Fever

b) Relapsing Fever

c) Epidemic Typhus Fever

d) Quartan fever

4. Write reason for the following names along with their scientific names:

a) Castor semilooper

b) Khapra beetle

c) Gundhi bug

5. Name the following:

a) A fruit sucking moth

b) Internal parasite of Pyrilla

c) Time period between two instars

d) Pheromone secreted by queen bee

e)Living honey casks

6. Discuss the Factors Required for storing the Stored Grains safely.

7. Explain the few Structures and Various Methods of Storage.

8. Describe the Bionomics of any one polyphagous Pest. Write the Economic Importance and Control of it.

9. Name two Insect Pests of cotton and write Their damage and control.

10. Give a detailed account of the Bionomics of Heliothis armigera.

11. Name any five household pests and give their economic importance.

12. Write a Short note on the Pest Status of rat flea.

13. Describe the Different types of silk moth and their life cycles in brief.

14. Explain the Processing of Lac in Detail along with their Uses.

15. Write Short notes on:

a) Biotic theory of Periodicity

b) Damage and Control of Trogoderma granarium

c) Enemies of lac insect and their control

d) Protective adaptations in Papilio demoleus and its control

e) Medical importance of mosquitoes