Demonstrate leadership skills in a tour context/Activities/Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan 1


An introduction to the tour guiding specialty. Students will look at what leadership means and different styles used in varying contexts.


  • Wiki
  • Blog
  • Course outline

Activity - Leadership slideshow and brief history

  • A brief history of leadership - exercises

  • Activity - What type of leadership style would be used in this context
  • Expedition leader style analysis (Exercise)
  • Leadership styles - Activity
  • Roleplay demonstrating these styles

Lesson Plan 2 and 3

Classroom Activity

  • Tourism context - discuss with students 'tourism context' activity. Get them to share their answers with as many different contexts as possible. Make sure all forms of leadership are covered.
  • What is leadership (classroom exercise) - supported by "Leaderhip and the qualities of a leader".
  • guided walk through university area.

Remember: Students need to know

  • City Sights tour - Wednesday 9am sharp outside D Block back for facilitation


Go to blog

  • Activity - Finding different types of leaders - in conjunction with Different types of leaders - reading
  • What is your leadership style
  • Interpersonal skills discussion - may need to be completed in next facilitation class


City Tour - 9am outside of D Block


  • Activity Role play and discussion

Lesson 4


  • Map reading exercise


Google Maps etc

Lesson 5


Preparation work for Assessment roleplay

  • Assessment to follow next day in classroom session
  • Facilitation time on following day can be used for catch up