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A better understanding of the different type of leadership styles and the demonstration of interpersonal skills when leading in a group situation.




Divide into 4 groups; each group is to be given one of the four leadership styles

  1. Laissez-faire
  2. Democratic
  3. Autocratic
  4. Charismatic

  • Each group is then to investigate the meaning and characteristics of their given style and come up with a role-play situation chosen from the scenarios below that clearly demonstrates these
  • Before the role-play begins the meaning and characteristics of the given leadership style will be presented to the other groups and handed in to the lecturer as evidence
  • Each group will then perform their role-play to the other groups
  • Within the roleplay interpersonal skills such as flexibility, empathy, respect, communication and identification of physical or emotional stress must be clearly displayed by the leader, who should also interact with their clients by encouraging them and providing advice.


1. Working as a driver guide leading a 2 day charter nature tour through The Catlins. Clients are a middle aged party of 4 friends.

2. Working as a tour guide on a Bus Tour taking 35 tourists to Milford Sound on a day trip from Queenstown. Clients have booked independently and are of mixed nationality. The schedule is tight as everyone is booked on a 1.00 pm cruise in Milford Sound. The bus has many stops en-route for photos, short walks, toilets as well as a ½ hour break in Te Anau.

3. Guiding a hiking day trip up the Routeburn Track. The objective of the day is to reach the Routeburn Falls hut and return. The party is of 10 people. Two are very slow and although they are keen to continue going at their pace none of the group will make it to the hut and back. Some of the other members are getting a little annoyed at being held back.

4. Working as a horse trekking guide taking ½ day treks. Clients are a group of young exchange students. Some are quite unruly and have a tendency not to listen to instructions and play up to the rest of the group.

5. Working as a guide taking 2 hour City Walking Tours around historic points of interest in the city centre. Guiding a mixed age, mixed nationality group of 6.

Students are expected to play a guest and leadership role.

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