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For every first lead

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US 18364, Version 1, Level 4, Credit 4. Demonstrate interpersonal skills when leading in a group situation - Element 1 (PC1.1 - 12) - Assessment


To identify and describe the characteristics of four different leadership styles and identify in which specified tourism context they would be best suited.


Task 1: Identify two key characteristics for the following styles of leadership. (PC1.1) - complete this in conjunction with the reading "Leadership styles" and referenced texts or internet sites (Wikipedia)

  • autocratic

  • democratic

  • laissez faire

  • charasmatic

Identify a leader who matches most of the characteristics listed for each style

Task 2: Now describe what kind of leadership style you would suggest in the contexts bdlow and write a brief pararaph exyplaining why you made this choice. (PC 1.2)

  • tour guide with a large goup of mixed aged clients
  • tour guide with a small group of clients who have specialised knowledge
  • tour guide who may offer clients certainchoices intheir tour and who relies on interactive feedback
  • tour guide with group of at risk youth

Supporting Materials

"ATTTO Moderated and Approved - 2 December 2009"