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Lesson Plan 2

  • Revision of leadership styles
  • Share leadership quotes
  • Share leadership situations and challenges
  • Activity from Wike - "what is leadership" - students to read and discuss

Introduction to interpersonal leadership skills

White board - think about DILOTG - shout out some interpersonal skills - focus on empathy and flexibility as being two of the most important - discuss why

  • Exercise - Self reflection - own strengths and weaknesses - do not have to share but just think about the skills on the board - celebrate the ones you feel you are good at and think about working on some of the ones you are not so good at.

Powerpoint presentations from shared drive on Communication skills and Listening Skills (if you have not already covered these in DILOTG - if so then revise them)

  • Activity - Leadership styles in a tourism context - see Wiki
  • guided walk through university area - role model a brief guided tour round the university to show the students the standard that is expected of them for their guided walk.

Out of class Activity - Identify leadership styles for specified tourism context - to be handed in next Friday.