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Lesson 10

Introduction to Health and Safety sessions - its all about what is happening in businesses out there in the real world - getting students to understand the language of health and safety - increasing awareness of incidents that have happened and of how the rules and regulations are changing.

Exercise - match the terms - terms in envelope - match the definition to the decsription - use as basis of discussion on risk management language

focus on the different types of risk - real, perceived, absolute

Ensure all terms in the mountain dangers Health and Safety assessment have been covered off

Exercise - Risk or Hazard - shout out various risks and hazards and ask students to tell you what they think each is - see sheets in folder for examples.

Exercise - student in pairs are given an incident to research - what happened, what went wrong, what legislation was used to penalise, what were the penalties and what were the learnings?



Mad dog river boarding

Jet boating

Mt Ruapehu army accident

Bridge swing

TOPEC Paretutu Rock

Fox Glacier plane crash

to be researched and presented back in next session