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Lesson Plan 1


An introduction to the tour guiding specialty. Thorough brief of students on the various sections - building on what they have learnt in DILOTG.

Covers Leadership, Health and Safety, Natural History of NZ (including Flora and Fauna, Maori myths and legends, geology and formation), Interpretation and Skills (weather, map reading, communication devices).

First thing - all to give a one minute presentation on the best thing they did in the holidays (tour guides spend a lot of time standing up and talking in front of people so you need to get used to it)

To start with - Leadership - name some good leaders and bad leaders and what made them good and bad - work in groups

Students will look at what leadership means and different styles used in varying contexts.


  • Wiki
  • Blog
  • Course outline

Activity - Leadership slideshow and brief history - filed under Activities on the Wiki

  • A brief history of leadership - exercises - fill in the missing words activity - on the Wiki

  • Expedition leader style analysis (Exercise) - students to fill in questionnaire - go through and identify those who are mostly democratic (P for participating), autocratic (T for telling), laissez-faire (D for delegating) or charismatic (S for Selling) - ask students to identfiy the characteristics of their leadership style and ask them to come up with a name for it and also role play a situation using that style
    • Introduce the four leadership style that are in the "Finding different types of leaders" activity on the Wiki - talk about having a natural style and when it may be appropriate to adopt a differerent style (model known as Situational Leadership).i.e. which is the right style - answer - IT DEPENDS!!!!!!
  • Assessment Activity - "Finding Different Types of Leader" 
  • Homework - times in your life when you have been a leader - challenges you have had as a leader, how you dealt with those challenges.
  • Homework - come up with your favourite leadership quote - share it with the group