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Moodlesmilie.png Students @ Work - a student collaborative writing project.
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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society  :: semester 2009

Students participate in collaborative writing through the use of this wiki. Their work on these assignments is published below.

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4. Students' Guide to Group Work

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  2. Now you have some experience with working in groups, add your suggestions for group work to the Students' Guide to Group Work. Review the suggestions already here. Click on the [edit] link to the right of the 4. Students' Guide to Group Work. Add your suggestions for group work. Include your initials at the end of your entry. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save page button.

MidTerm projects

Additional resources or activities that would enhance or expand the community service learning component. Remember - there must be a connection between the community service and the CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society curriculum.

8. Great Technologies List

..see - add your suggestions along with those from students in previous classes

Final Projects

How can computers and the internet contribute to resolving these societal issues? What is being done now? What is planned for the future?


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