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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society  :: WINTER 2009

Students participate in collaborative writing through the use of this wiki. Their work on these assignments is published below.

Final Projects

In 1987 Chickering & Gamson published the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education. These principles are based on the perspective that the goal of a proper undergraduate education should be active, cooperative, and challenging.

  • 1. encourage student-faculty contact
  • 2. encourage cooperation among students
  • 3. encourage active/engaged learning
  • 4. give prompt feedback
  • 5. emphasize time on task
  • 6. communicate high expectations
  • 7. respect diverse talents and ways of learning

Student presentations - Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

Week 4. Students' Guide to Group Work

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  • I found communication is very important when doing a group work. Good communication could insure the success of a project. -Xi-
  • Scheduling online chat sessions is an option. -a.a.
  • Use of online messaging (e.g. chat, email) to help coordinate tasks. -s.z-
  • Aside from communication (in person or online), it is essential to be timely, reachable, cooperative, open-minded, organized, and prepared. Be familiar with your individual and group tasks! -s.c.
  • Making a schedule with tasks, responsible individual and due dates is an option. It could be in wiki so that each person can update the schedule once their task is complete and others can know if someone is falling behind. pm
  • Get all group members online at same time, at least once a week. -a.x-
  • I think that the communication is most important. Whether it be online real-time chat, through forum, or in-person. -n.r.o.-

• Without communication I truly do not see how group work would be very successful. I enjoyed the group assignment discussion in week two (privacy) I felt this was a great way to stay organized for group discussions. I also feel the email window for communication in a group setting is great. – cheers AB

  • I think co-ordination and delegation is very important in group work. Good communication and personal responsibility can ensure good co-ordination, resulting in a more organized end product.-src
  • I believe communication, being responsible, and open minded to suggestions are all very important factors to group work. Good communication would make sure that everyone gets to exchange their ideas and develop a successful solution to the project. Being responsible and do each person's share of work would make the project easier for everyone. Being open minded to suggestions and not be offended is very important, because in a group project, different ideas are due to come up. -H.K.
  • I agree with many of the suggestion above that the group needs communication. After that, we need to set up a time that everyone can meet. Once that is accomplished, then we can talk about responsibility and accountability. I think we need to take this step by step. Everyone's cooperation is greatly needed in order to carry out our task effectively. -L.D
  • Communicating amongst eachother is very important in order to make the project successful. Emailing, chatting, or even better, meeting up with one another are some of the ways to communicate. That way, we can discuss what each person is responsible of and even help eachother when needed. ~CI
  • Group collaboration lives or dies with participation, delegation and accountability by each person involved. Many "group projects" fail because one person will take on too much, or conversely, delegate too much. There must be a good balance of the two, as well as, setting of milestone, or goals to account for where the "group" is in the project at any given time. -dv
  • An important part of working successfully in a group is understanding that different people communicate differently. It is also beneficial to recognize the personality traits of each individual so that their strengths can be used efficiently. -D.O.
  • Like most have said on here, communication is key, with any type of relationship you may have. Also, coordination of communication via internet options. AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, email, Facebook. You get the idea. -a.a
  • Exchanging any and all personal contact info right awya would help get things rolling. c.w.

MidTerm projects

In-person community service projects

  • Christina - day care center
  • Dave - technology at elementary school
  • Luan - high school badminton coach
  • Asma - child care center field trip planning

Community Empowerment illustrations

Roy - work was "commissioned" by the Community Empowerment Collective.

Tar Heel Reader books for young adult new readers

Week 8. Great Technologies List

  • Online messenger, internet radio, and online television shows are great technologies that are used by a lot of people who are busy and in need of some sort of momentary entertainment. -H.K.
  • Email, HTTP (Internet) and Word processing (e.g MS word, etc)- dv
  • Digital Imaging, the process by which an image can be stored in a matrix of 0s and 1s.-src
  • Google Search -PT
  • RSS/Atom/feed reader -PT
  • Digital music, movies and books - PM
  • iTunes - The world's best digital music jukebox. - HWL


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