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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society SUMMER 2011

Brain Color Project - BLUE

Work as a group with others with the same Brain Color as you.

Identify 3 characteristics that you share with others with the same brain color as you. Everyone should list three of their own. Then as a group, narrow that down to just three. Show all your work here in the wiki page.

Individual lists - include your first name so we know who submitted each list

  • your list of three characteristics -- your first name

Thoughts and suggestions for getting to the Final Three

  • note of your thinking and comments so everyone can help reach the decision on the Final Three.

Final Three - list of three characteristics that best represents the whole group

  • only one list of three that the group agrees on

My Name is Mariel, I am sensitive, outgoing, and caring.

Sydnie - shy, friendly, creative.

Mary Le - I'm shy, caring, selfless.

Justin Lai- Caring, passionate, creative.

There are only four responses so far, but it looks like a majority of us seem to be caring. I think we can put that one down. How about shy/outgoing? (Justin)