Day 2: Roles in ict@innovation

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This section summarizes the outcomes of the workshop discussions (as recalled afterwards), and provides an opportunity for you to share your comments, edits, additions and further thoughts and ideas.

This is a temporary project wiki for ict@innovation, until the programme will have its own web-section connected to the FOSSFA portal.

FLOSSBusiness - provides detailed thoughts on the issue by one of the working groups and a venue for wide collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Steering InWEnt: Balthas Seibold, Petra Hagemann
  • Steering FOSSFA: James Wire Lunghabo
  • International Coordination: Andrea Goetzke, Geraldine de Bastion (newthinking communications)
  • African Coordinator: TBD
  • Advisory Board: Nnenna Nwakanma (FOSSFA), Thandikile Mbvundula (OSISA), Balthas Seibold (InWEnt), Petra Hagemann (InWEnt), John Maddog Hall (Linux Int.), Kim Tucker (Meraka Institute), Rishab Aiyer Ghosh (UNU-Merit) further African representatives TBD (from academia, business ...)
  • Programme Coordinators and trainers Pillar A, B, C: TBD (Tendering Process)
  • Strategic Partners: [that engage in initiatives that are complementary to ict@innovation]: FOSSFA, UWC, UNU Merit, it@ab Meraka Institute, ...
  • Implementing Partners / Mediators = participants of Training of trainer: IT associations, IT training institutions, universities
  • Resource Persons: e.g. editors for training materials, trainers, ...
  • Target Groups: IT-SME, IT consultants + trainers

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