Day 2: Further Stakeholders to involve

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This section summarizes the outcomes of the workshop discussions (as recalled afterwards), and provides an opportunity for you to share your comments, edits, additions and further thoughts and ideas.

This is a temporary project wiki for ict@innovation, until the programme will have its own web-section connected to the FOSSFA portal.

FLOSSBusiness - provides detailed thoughts on the issue by one of the working groups and a venue for wide collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Strategic partners

FOSSFA, UWC, UNU Merit, it@ab, Meraka Institute, ...

Training Partners (Participants)

  • include business schools!
  • several participants expressed interest in being a training partner

Other Stakeholders to involve

e.g. also in the next planning workshop

  • important to involve governments (agreed on by many in the group), even though "the" government may be bought by MS, there are always people, like in the opposition, individual ministers - that are pro-FOSS
  • it's a matter of selling it to them as "their" idea, to achieve that some person in the government is really behind FOSS
  • so important to involve government side from the beginning, as otherwise they can put barriers in the way, and the other way they can be of help
  • and don't start at too low levels when it comes to government > rather legislative people, ministers etc.
  • involve also government as potential FOSS-client, e.g. from government ICT Board
  • IT Sector
  • IT Businesses
  • IT Association or General Business Association ie. Rotary or Lions Club
  • SYNAQ and LinuxHoldings, IntoWeb, Metrics,
  • National FOSS Forums be established to bring different stakeholders together and to better respond to specific local conditions
  • business assocations that represent IT clients, e.g. from agriculture or retail sectors
  • NGOs
    • LinuxChix
    • WomensNet
    • Ungana Afrika
  • Donors (e.g. in Addis there are 600 donor organizations present) - influential + potential clients

Specific Stakeholders in Countries

Kenya: Strathmore University (they combine both business + FOSS, would be an ideal partner; they should be asked to host the next workshop, as they also have the facilities) + LPA + Skunkworks + Openworld

Note: Strathmore University has already agreed to host the next workshop.

South Africa: Several companies that do both FOSS and training, like U. Pretoria, UWC, Business Connexion, Tshwane University of Technology, Gijima, Choice Technologies, IBM, ImpiLinux, Novell, Obsidian Systems, Sourcecom, SITA, Tangent.

Tanzania: TAFOSSA, several universities

Uganda: Uganda Martyrs U., Uganda Christian U., Makerere, Mkuru (?) U.

Malawi: University of Malawi - The Polytechnic, National College of Information Technology, BUMAS International, Malawi Institute of Management, Mzuzu University

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