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Distance Education Alliance: Constructing an Intercontinental Academic Research Network

(Pending approval)

The primary objective of the project is to directly build and facilitate an international research network of academics engaged in research around distance education practices. This has the view of promoting international cross-institutional cooperative and collaborative research to allow the three participating nations to learn from the best practices being implemented. Participating academics will represent their institutions and, on behalf of their colleagues, promote international research opportunities by establishing the foundations of an international research network.

Whilst the project will initially focus on cooperation between Australia, Morocco and Tunisia we have a view to expanding this network to a broader international audience (across greater Africa, the Pacific, and Southern Europe) once the foundations are laid. The flow-on effect for the higher education sector will be improved research output by participating institutions which will directly inform national and international performance indicators for distance education modes of delivery.

The dissemination of this material by DE Hub will further ensure that this project is of benefit to the sector as a whole. This research network will also highlight potential opportunities for future collaboration between participating institutions, such as student exchanges, collaborative course design and delivery, and staff exchange. DE Hub is also concurrently seeking the support of industry partners, and there is scope for these partners to participate in broader international cooperative activities through the network.