Curriculum design for open education/Introduction: Key concepts and big ideas/Learning pathways

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Introduce yourself to your course colleagues by sharing a short description of your involvement with curriculum design (direct or indirect) in a message on our Wiggio group site, commenting where relevant on:

  • Learning philosophy
  • Learning environment/s
  • Course (or program) learning outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Institutional approach to curriculum design.

If you have registered for the course with us by email (see registration instructions), we will have added you to our Wiggio group site. If you are new to Wiggio, visit the tutorial and support guidance. (You will probably want to customise the settings that control how often you receive notifications of new content on our group site).

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To gain essential pre-knowledge for this course, read the five key concepts related to open educational practices (OEP):

Consider the ways you already engage with 'openness', in the broadest sense.

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What aspects of openness and open educational practice (OEP) would provide the greatest benefits in your learning environment and curriculum context? Consider potential benefits for learners, and staff who teach or support learning, and post your response in a message on our Wiggio group site. If starting the discussion, please use a subject line identifying the topic e.g. 'Openness and OEP benefits...' so others can reply under this thread.