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Biology In Elementary Schools is a Saint Michael's College student project from a course that ran between 2007 and 2010 and fully described in this book chapter. The student-created resources have been preserved here for posterity. Link under 'toolbox' for printer-friendly versions of the exercises. Click on handouts to print full resolution versions. Please see Wikieducator's disclaimer, our safety statement, and the Creative Commons licensing in English and in legalese.

This is a temporary site to build a list of participants in Biology in Elementary Schools. Once we are up and running this site will be removed.


Use the edit tab to edit the page. Add your first name, last name, user name separated by commas. It should look like this:

Julia, Moran, [[user:SMCJulia]],,

Hit save when you are finished

First name Last name User name blank
Allison Altman User:ajaltmansmc
Emily Arturi User:Emily5153
Kailey Barney user:KailBarney
John Bock user:johnjb60
Melissa Coughlin User:Mcoughlin523
Meaghan Curry User:Mcurrysmc
Kerry Cyr User:Kcyrsmc
Sarah Delurey User:sdelureysmc
Justine Dube user:Jdubesmc
Laken Ferreira user:Lakensmc
Heather French user:Hfrench2smc
Phoebe Green user:plgsmc
Kristin Hagenbarth user:khagensmc
Lindsay Houston user:Lhoustonsmc
Neil Kelly User:nkellysmc
Kaytlyn Kelley user:Kkelleysmc
Erin Kennally user:eeksmc12
Eleni Kustas user:smc_ekustas
Kathleen Lanigan user:Klanigan
Olivia Leclerc user:smcsoftball2
Molly Linnell User:Mlinnellsmc
Callie Lumbra user:clumbrasmc
Heather Maganzini user:hmagssmc
Molly Magner user:mmagnersmc
Kyle Marlow User:Kmarlowsmcvt
Declan McCabe user:dmccabe
Meaghan McGinty user:mmcgintysmc
Ali McHenry User:Alismc
Katie McNamara User:Kmcnamara3smc
Joshua Miranda user:JoshSMC13
Kathleen Morehouse user:KatSMC
Emily Rendine User:ERendineSMC
Jennifer Robbins User:JennSMC12
Molly Saunders User:Mbssmc
Eliza Scoba user:Esmc530
Liz Siekman User:esiekman
Liz Siracusa User:Esiracusasmc
Natalie Watson user:nwatsonsmc
Caitlin Wilkins user:cwilkinsSMC
Marian Yandow User:MarianSMC