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Bipolar disorder is a lifelong medical condition that often requires a combination of treatment strategies. As with any person involved in a treatment plan, people living with bipolar disorder may find adhering to a prescribed treatment plan challenging. Often, people use the word "recovery" to describe living with biploar disorder [1] However, treatment of bipolar disroder is not about recovering or finding a cure, rather it is about finding strategies to stay well. With education, support and effective treatment, people living with bipolar lead healthy productive lives.

It can be limiting to only take the advice of medical professionals. The world wide web is full of medical experts providing help hints and medical advice. Although this type of information is imperative, there is also value in learning form the experience and knowledge of people living with the disorder. The way people think about the disorder and ways to manage it, will vary depending on their own experiences and ways of approaching the world.

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1) Treatment

2) Medication Adherence

3) Early Intervention


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