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One of the requirements of the Open Course Library project was that students could not spend more than $30 on materials. While I chose to use Spradley and McCurdy's Conformity and Conflict reader, there are a number of textbooks that are available online that meet this requirement (available on CourseSmart).

Eller, Jack David. 2009. Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Lives. New York: Routledge.

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Nanda, Serena and Richard L. Warms. 2009. Culture Counts: A Precise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning/Wadsworth.

Podolefsky, Aaron, Peter Brown, and Scott Lacy. 2009. Appyling Cultural Anthropology: An Introductory Reader, 8th edition. Boston: McGraw Hill.

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