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June 18, 2015 meeting

Culinary Arts meeting (via Skype)


  • OERu: Wayne Mackintosh,
  • BC Campus: Clint Lalonde
  • Otago: Veronique Olin, Tony Heptinstall, Carolyn Levy,
  • TRU: Kimberly Johnstone, Irwin Devries, Kelly Warnock

Goals & Partnerships

  • MOOC: Micro open online course – 1 credit
  • OERu looking for showcase development in vocational/trades education
  • demonstrate power of open delivery model
  • Menu design sounds like something with universal appeal
  • could fit in a lot of programs
  • opens up learning opportunities for wide range of services
  • credit from our institutions
  • could also serve students F-F not just distance learners; good exposure for campus students
  • appeals to a wide base
  • fits with model we’re looking for
  • repurpose content for other sectors/contexts (design principles work across different context)
  • 40-50 notional learning hours; serves respective learning needs

Discussion on Content / Topics

Occupational skills
  • business skills /entrepreneurship
  • kitchen processes, workflow
  • menu design
  • costing, kitchen management
Soft skills:
  • teamwork, communication,
  • professionalism,
  • creative thinking, critical thinking,
  • international skills
  • why menus succeed and fail
  • telling a story through a menu
  • using design principles in menu design

Current / Next Steps

Collaborate Online (Wayne)
  • PressBooks based
  • Wiki: trying to work out how to harvest from wiki environment; how to administer text items
  • will set up dedicated discussion group for culinary arts team; space to share notes
Discussion on Resources (Clint)
  • BC Campus is developing open textbook in Culinary Arts
  • Amanda Coolidge is rep for culinary
  • Kimberly – editing open culinary textbook (Will menu planning be included in textbook?
  • Exam bank developed (Kimberly was involved); Now have consistent tools for entire province
Mapping learning outcomes (TRU & Otago)
  • Compare Otago & TRU topics;
  • Map to national NZ cookery standard
  • design in way that fits all program
  • Possibly incorporate Portage College as well