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Shahi tukde....(Indian sweets)

Recipe :

Ingredients :

  • Rabdi:to be made
  • bread:4 slices
  • sugar:one cup
  • milk :one litre
    butter/ghee (clarified):half cup
  • water:half cup
  • cardamom powder :half teaspoon
  • almonds and pistachios:chopped (a few)
  • sugar syrup:to be made


  • Make rabdi by boiling 1 ltr of milk till it  is reduced to one fourth or quarter and gets thick.
  • Now add half cup of sugar and half teaspoon of cardamom powder.
  • (It will take around 35-40 mins ,1st boil the milk, then cook on low flame).
  • Now makesugar syrup:
  • Heat the pan,add half cup of sugar and half cup of water .
  • Add saffron (it should be of double thread consistency).
  • Make 4 pieces of each bread slice.
  • Toast them on tawa with ghee.
  • If you are using home made ghee then it gives the best taste otherwise normal ghee also works good.
  • After toasting them put the slices in the sugar syrup.
  • Soak it for 5-10 mins or till each slices absorb sugar syrup well.
  • Now on a plate arrange these slices cover them with rabdi.
  • Garnish it with milk masala or chopped dry fruits.
  • Keep it in the fridge
  • Serve chilled.