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Learning challenge tasks

Complete the tasks listed below. (Many of which you will have done in CSF101,102 and 103)

Decide on a project or organisation for the following exercise. Scale not important.

  1. Define what success looks like for the project or organisation (this is while adhering to the Sustainability Principles).
  2. Draw a high level funnel, to identify the drivers of change. Identify the top 5 drivers and write a commentary for these.
  3. Identify the key areas of influence to step towards success in the project or organisation. Draw nest circles with you in the centre, then those people and systems with the most influence to the project/organisation.
  4. Be clear about your baseline and where you are now.
  5. Identify 3-5 strategic priorities and put in the strategy template.
  6. For each strategic priority, develop short medium and long term actions in the actions template. Ensure each action answers yes to these three prioritising questions:
    1. Does this action lead to the vision of success?
    2. Is this a flexible platform?
    3. Is the Return on Investment there?