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Time to get started
Communicating effectively requires clear messaging to a clear audience. Add a complex setting such as sustainable development and you magnify this challenge.

The most successful communication answers these questions;

  • Who do you need to communicate your work with?
  • What action do you want your audience to take?
  • How do those people receive information in a way that it will inspire them?
  • How can you articulate your messages in a way that will inspire your audience to take the desired action?
  • What distribution platforms or networks can you use to bring your audience and messages together?
  • How can you create engagement, i.e. timely response from your audience?

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Learning journal activity

  1. Watch this short video showcasing the power of social and mobile - the social media revolution.
  2. Visit the website of The Story of Stuff; choose one of the videos and consider how clear the messages are and how concisely they’re communicated.
  3. In your journal:
    • Answer the questions at the top of this page to identify your key audiences and messages. Then consider what media channels you might use to connect the two.
    • Reflect on how you might use new media as a channel to get your message to your audience.
    • Critique the video you chose on The Story of Stuff website.