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We strongly recommend you work through the Practice Exercises before you attempt the portfolio assessment below.


Online facilitation

This is a free self-directed course with options to pay for facilitation and assessment. To find out more about online facilitation please contact OP Online.


This assessment takes the form of a portfolio project comprising five parts:

Parts 1 to 4
Printouts of 4 documents you created as part of the Unit 2 Assessment. Printouts may be hardcopy (on paper) or as PDF files.
Part 5
The ScreenR file you created as part of the Unit 3 Assessment

Should you wish to be formally assessed once you have completed all the learning units for this course, please contact OP Online, to find out about payment and enrolling for assessment.

Once payment is confirmed, instructions will be provided for you to access the assessments at OP Moodle

More details of each part are included in the Assessment section of each unit.

Unit Standard 12884 (NZQA website)