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Leaving a single comment on a blog and then moving on isn't necessarily the best way to engage in a conversation or use blog commenting for learning. It's more of a one-way, once-and-done approach that doesn't take full advantage of what commenting can do for you. To really engage in conversations through blog commenting, you need to develop some effective strategies for managing the comments you make on other blogs. A comment tracking service is a great solution.


While there are several you can choose from, one of the best tools to use is coComment. Sue Waters has written an excellent post with instructions and pictures on how to sign up and manage your comments using coComment. Once your account has been set up, you will then be able to follow your commenting activities through your RSS feed, making it much simpler for you to keep track of all your comments.

Your task for the day is to sign up for coComment or another comment tracking service. Be sure to add your comment feeds to your reader. And if you blog about your experience, add your link to [Talk:Create_and_maintain_a_basic_weblog/Commenting/Activities/Sign_up_for_a_Comment_Tracking_Service the discussion page here].



This activity was originally designed by Michele Martin for the 31 Day Comment Challenge.