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The goals of this activity is for us to improve our commenting skills and draw more people into blog conversations. So we're going to start with a commenting self-audit. You can use this to get a better picture of your blog commenting skills and strategies.


1. Answer the following questions:

  • How often do you comment on other blogs during a typical week?
  • Do you track your blog comments? How? What do you do with your tracking?
  • Do you tend to comment at the same blogs or do you try to comment on at least one new blog per week?

2. Now review Gina Trapani's Guide to Blog Comments and ask yourself how well you're doing in each of the different areas. Are there any specific areas where you think you need to do some work? What do you want to do to address these issues?

3. Blog about your comment audit to share what you've learned about yourself and your commenting behaviors. Be sure to let us know by adding your post to the discussion for this activity.



This activity was originally designed by Michele Martin for the 31 Day Comment Challenge.