Costs and Value of Credit Reports

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Globe for WikiEducator.jpg Unit 3.2- Costs and Value of Credit 

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Unit 3.2- Costs and Value of Credit

Credit reports are an important investment of international managers to make. Although sometimes costly, offering payment terms to new international customers without conducting the appropriate due diligence can be much more costly in the long run. Assessing the type of credit reports to obtain and the necessary data to evaluate with help justify this cost.

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The goal of this material is to introduce you to the cost of credit reports used when extending appropriate payment terms to international customers. This information will also provide you with an understanding of the value of information provided in a credit report.

By the end of this unit you will be able to

  • identify the cost of credit reports.
  • identify the value of the information contained in the credit report.

Unit Outline

Correlation: Materials from this unit correlate with NASBITE CGCP's Knowledge Statement 04/03/02: Knowldege of costs, usage and value of credit reports)