Costs and Value of Credit/Assessment

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Globe for WikiEducator.jpg Unit 3.2- Costs and Value of Credit 

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1. Evaluation criteria used to assess credit report sources include

a. only speed.
b. source of the information.
c. language the report is written in.
d. speed & accuracy.

2. The average cost for an individual credit report is

a. $50 – $60 each.
b. $60 – $200 each.
c. $200 – $300 each.
d. $300 or more each.

3. The most comprehensive credit information can be obtained from

a. indirect sources only.
b. the international sales team.
c. direct and indirect sources combined.
d. direct sources only.

4. In the business world today the greatest challenge to the international credit manager is

a. evaluating too much information.
b. the lack of information available.
c. the cost of available information.
d. securing accurate information.

(Correct answers: 1=d, 2=b, 3=c, 4=a )