What do we need to account for?

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Tutorial.png Unit 6 

Introduction | Projecting Student Numbers | What do we need to account for? | Treating the Capital Costs of Materials Development | Marginal Cost | Crossover Point

We have already discussed a variety of different costs that are incurred by open schools. This section consolidates what was presented previously and applies these concepts in a real-life situation.

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Exercise 6.2 Types of Income and Expenditure in Course Development

This exercise can be done either on your own, with a partner or in a small group.

  • If you still have the list you drew up for the exercises in Unit 1, take this out.
  • If not, take a few minutes to jot down all the items of income and expenditure that you can think of in relation to the development of a new course.
  • Take out three blank sheets of paper and copy the table below on each of them.
  • Label the first sheet with the heading INCOME and write down all possible sources of income in the appropriate cells of the table.
  • Label the second sheet with the heading DIRECT COSTS and group these under the appropriate headings in the table.
  • Label the last sheet INDIRECT COSTS and write down all the different types of expenditure you can think of in the appropriate cells.

____Fixed____ ___Variable___



Feedback: Please refer to the Exercise 6.2 - Sample Answers for some examples of the different costs associated with the development of a new course.

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Exercise 6.3 Estimating Income and Expenditure on Course Development

Open a copy of the file Course Development Template

  • Click on the Other Income tab and experiment by entering different amounts in the highlighted cells.
  • Click on the Student Fees tab and experiment with different values in the highlighted cells.
  • Look at the other worksheets in this file and play around with different combinations.

This template may be used in future when you need to make a projection of income and expenditure for a new course. Provision has been made for estimating the impact of inflation on costs and fees over the life of the course. If a particular item or cell is not relevant, leave it blank or enter a zero.