How Student Numbers Affect Costs

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Tutorial.png Unit 2 

Introduction | Review of Fixed, Variable and Semi-Variable Costs | Total Costs | Average Costs | Economies of Sale | Costs of ODL versus Conventional Education | Questions for Consideration


In the previous unit, you learned that the number of students enrolled for a particular course is a critical factor that drives several items of expenditure. This unit considers the impact of a change in student numbers on the total costs of running courses and on the average cost per student.

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By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • graphically illustrate how an increase or decrease in the number of students registered for a particular course affects fixed costs, variable costs, semi-variable costs, total costs and average costs;
  • use the Total Costs Equation and explain its significance;
  • define economies of sale and explain why they are important;
  • use the Average Costs Equation and explain its significance;
  • discuss how the costs of an ODL institution compare with those incurred for conventional, school-based education systems;
  • suggest at least three ways of reducing average costs.