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Diagram from a presentation by Professor Tom Reeves

How will you know if your design is effective? It is important to have a plan in place to gauge the success of your new or re-designed course. The first thing to decide is when you will review your design. Will it be in the design phase, before you go live, during the pilot or once the course has finished? What criteria will you use to judge success? How will you gather your data? What will you do with the information obtained? These are all important things to consider.

There are lots of different types of evaluation and how you evaluate depends on the reason for the evaluation. There are a number of factors to consider. You may already be familiar with the terms: formative and summative, needs analysis etc.

  • Evaluation and the ADDIE model- an audio explanation about how the ADDIE model fits with a range of evaluation methods, and how it may apply to your potential evaluation project.

Evaluation plan

For your evaluation plan in this course, you need to include the following headings and information:

How will you evaluate the success of your new course design?
What criteria will you use to judge success?
What is your overarching evaluation question?

Describe the aim of the evaluation, and provide an overview of what you intend to do.

What will you do with the information obtained?
How will the outcomes of the evaluation influence or impact on the stakeholders?
Types of evaluation
Formative or summative evaluation?

Describe the approach you will use.

Who will you get to review your design and test it before you go live, or once it is launched or at the end of the first offering?
How will you gather and analyse your data?

Describe the approaches.

The Evaluation Cookbook is a useful resource for planning this part of the evaluation.

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For reference

The following resources are intended to assist you to understand the subject and can be used in future evaluations that you may have to undertake.