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Introductory text

Welcome to WikiEducator. We appreciate your time in responding to this short questionnaire. You are making an important contribution in helping WikiEducator achieve its goals - including helping our community to grow and respond more effectively to the needs of new account holders.

What is your age group?

    • <15 - use radio buttons for all
    • 15-24
    • 25-34
    • 35-44
    • 45-54
    • 55-64
    • >65

Note: When setting up questionnaire - do not permit multiple responses

What is your gender?

    • Male - radio button
    • Female - radio button

Note - do not permit multiple options when setting up the question

Where are you actually located on a regular basis?

  • Asia - radio button
  • Africa / Indian Ocean -radio button
  • North America - radio button
  • South America - radio button
  • Europe - radio button
  • The Pacific/Oceania - radio button

When setting up - permit only one radio button to be selected

Do you know anyone who has a WikiEducator user account?

  • Yes - radio button
  • No - radio button

Do not permit multiple responses

Is English your home language/ mother tongue?

  • Yes - radio button
  • No - radio button

Do not permit multiple responses

If you're working in education, what sector are you involved in?

  • Primary - radio button for all
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary (Higher Education)
  • Vocational Training
  • Not involved in education

Note - only permit one radio button to be checked

Which of the following would best describe your current role?

  • Educator (teacher, lecturer, or trainer) - radio button
  • Professional staff developer - radio button
  • Manager or administrator - radio button
  • Technologist (eg Web developer, software developer) - radio button
  • Researcher - radio button
  • Learner (Student, scholar, school pupil) - radio button
  • Government official / public servant - radio button
  • Entrepreneur or business person - radio button
  • Concerned citizen - radio button
  • International agency official - radio button
  • Media representative - radio button
  • Independent consultant - radio button
  • Other, please specify - text field

Permit multiple responses

Apart from WikiEducator, have you created a wiki user account before?

  • Yes -radio button
  • No - radio button
  • Not sure/don't recall having created a wiki account before - radio button

Note: Do not permit multiple responses

How would you rate your skills and competence to edit content on this wiki?

  • Beginner - radio button
  • Intermediate - radio button
  • Advanced - radio button

Note: Note: Do not permit multiple responses

How did you find out about WikiEducator?

    • Search engine (for example Google, Yahoo! AltaVista) - use radio button
    • Website (specify) - radio button with field box
    • Social tagging site (for example, Digg this, or Furl) - radio button
    • Blog post (Specify) - radio button with text field
    • Colleague or referal
    • Printed publication (Journal, Newsletter, popular media) (specify)- radio button & text field
    • Presentation / Workshop (specify) - radio button & text field
    • Other? - text field

Note - When setting up the questionnaire, allow multiple responses to be checked.

How many times did you visit WikiEducator before creating an account?

  • I created a user account on my first visit to WikiEducator - radio button
  • Less than 5 times - radio button
  • between 5 and 10 visits - radio button
  • definitely more than 10 visits - radio button

Note - When setting up the questionnaire, allow multiple responses to be checked. (Comment.gif: DOES THIS MAKE SENSE???? Multiple entries allowed? (PS))

How did you first find out about this questionnaire

  • Notification in the confirmation email sent to you when registering your account - radio button
  • Personal welcome note on your user talk page - - radio button
  • Not sure / don't remember - radio button
  • Other - radio button

Note - When setting up the questionnaire, allow multiple responses to be checked.

What are your main interests in coming to WikiEducator?

  • to learn wiki skills - radio button
  • to grow personally -- radio button
  • to develop free content materials - radio button
  • to connect to the WikiEducator community - radio button
  • to research new learning trends and ideas - radio button
  • to build my network - radio button
  • just curious - no particular interest
  • Other... - text field

Note: - permit multiple answers when setting up the question.

What subjects are you interested in working on?

  • Please specify:

Who are you collaborating with?

(Comment.gif: I think this question maybe a premature for a new user registration - I'd recommend shifting this to a survey for users once they have established themselves in WikiEd - I suggest dropping this question) --Wayne Mackintosh 03:10, 25 September 2007 (CEST)

(Editor's Note: make link to Roles)

  • Instructional / Learning Designer
  • Technical Expert
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Editor
  • Etc.

Which individual and/or community do you wish to collaborate with? Please explain.

Please give details below.

(Comment.gif: Similarly - I think this question is a bit premature - a new user is not likely to know who they are planning to collaborate with. I suggest dropping this question)

Where are you interested in using WikiEducator?

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • South Pacific (including Australia, New Zealand)
  • All regions
  • Not applicable

Your Comments, Thoughts and Suggestions

Please provide your comments, thoughts and/or suggestions which can help us to meet your needs or help WikiEducator achieve its objectives - including growing our community of WikiEducators. We appreciate your input and feedback.

Free text box.

Thank You!

We appreciate your time and effort in completing this survey. A report of aggregate results will be made available on the WikiEducator web site. Thank you for your support!