Community Standing Against Crime

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Community Standing Against Crime

"Creating a Safe Community"

A safe community is very important and we all have to work hard to Creating a Safe Community. As I am residing in Kansas City I want to talk about Kansas City as one of the biggest 18th cities in the United States of America. Kansas City has the histroy of about 250 + some years [1] and it is one of the top cities in the Mid-west and heart land of the United States of America. In the past 10 yeras Kansas City started losing citizens from the urban core of the city and among the top few reasons crime and gangs are significantly high and the viloences are going higher and higher. As far as Government rules and regualtions goes, are fine but our media in Kansas city and the Politicians and Leaderships are not paying attention to the higher crime rate and or may be not publicly announcing our gang, crime and violence problems. However, robbery, shooting, killing and drugs are a everyday matter. If we don't take any action now it will come down and will bite us.

Since the killing and murdering a everyday matter in Kansas City, our elected officials are not worried about it and I really dont know why is that? As a concerned citizen I beleive it is our core responsibilities to be standing against these problems which causing our neighborhood and community at large more dangerous and vulnerable. After I have lost friend of mine named Tony Singh [2], it came to my attention that we do have a lot of crime and gangs problems. As a matter of fact after talking the Law Enforcement aggencies and Police Department I have found that yes we do have problems however we dont have enough resources, we do not have enough police forces that we need as a big city. The 2008 economic recesaion [3] certainly we are hurting our economy and we can not effort lossing our police forces on the other hand the gangs, drugs, gun shooting, killing, murdering, robbery and all the violences are just increasing in a higher rates. My question who is responsible for this problems?

As I beleive Neighborhood safety first and Creating a safe community is a must duty for us as a community that's why we the citizens of South Kansas City have pledge our support and are ready to clean up the above mentioned issues and problems. Along with the citizens I personally endorsed this project Creating a Safe Community and I am working day out day in to make a community based engaged effort to Creating a Safe Community starting here in Kansas City and then move all the way up to state wide.

The Tony Singh Bill is gaining a lot of momentum in the state of Missouri and helping Creating a Safe Community with the empowerment of Tony Singh Bill. MD Alam is leading the both efforts the Tony Singh Bill and the effort Community Standing Against Crime in Kansas City with the citizens engagement and by the virtue of Creating a safe Community.