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"The Tony Singh Bill"[1] NBC Action News: Tony Singh Bill KCTV 5- Chanell 5 Kansas City: [2] [3] Fox 4 News in Kansas City: [4]

Currently as I am working on Tony Singh Bill I like to share this Tony Singh Bill as my first and top most Projects. Tony Singh [5] was a 35 years old man got Robbed, Gunned Downed and Murdered in a 7-Eleven store while working in his very last shift. On March 17' 2010 Tony Singh was killed in the convienent store even after giving the money only $72.00 the Robber killed him with bloddy non-scence reasons. Tony was working in the 7-Eleven store as his part time job and he was going to start his next new full time job in the next day, but the last shift job took his Amnerican Dreams and his life and left tow young children behiend. Who is responsible to raise thses two kids Sonny (11) and Simran (9)? who will provide the support and family values to thses innocent kids?
Friends, Families and co-workers all are very shocked and hurts with this incident of Tony's death. As a friend of Tony Singh after his death we are trying to establishing his (Tony) Legacy in the state of Missouri as well as push forward to the United States of America. After Tony's death we found that the business corporation and the employer did fail to provide safety and security of Tony's life and as well as many more. Now as a community we are pushing for a new law to the Missouri General Assembly to make Tony Singh Bill as a State law which will help and guide the Retail business employees to making sfer working environment.

Here is the details of The Tony Singh Bill[6]:

The Tony Singh Bill

Friends and Family of Tony Singh are requesting and encouraging you to be acknowledged that we are proposing Tony Singh Bill to the Missouri General Assembly as part of Engaging and Creating a Safe Community. Tony Singh Bill is to create safety and security to the employees of Retail Business. "Tony Singh Bill" is to increase the safety and to protect lives of Retail Business employees especially during the dark (night) hours.

E-Sign and Endporsement [7]
KMBC Chanell-9 Kansas City, Missouri, USA [8]

(1) No one works past 10:00 PM Alone,
(2) Bullets Proof Security Glass Installed around the Cashier Station,
(3) Panic Buttons Installed to notify the Police and Law enforcement,
(4) On Site Security Guard Provided,
(5) If none of the above can be done, then the Business MUST be closed by 10 PM.

If you like the ideas and want to support it please visit the Tony Singh Bill web site and do the Endorsement using E-sign and here is the website Tony Singh Bill [9]. Please Help the Team Tony Singh Bill to collect 100,000 Signatures and help to Create a safe Community.