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  1. Philip Lloyd, Communications Officer, Ministry of Education, email: alajoy at hotmail dot com
  2. Kaywanna Hampsoon, Information Technology Teacher, Ministry of Education, email:


  1. Patricia Philips, Comfort, Assist, Reach-Out, Educate (CARE), email: pattybaby28 at hotmail dot com
  2. Ingrid Hope, CARE, email:

Dominica (Host country and partner)

  1. Raymond Henderson, General Editor, Ministry of Education, email: montoray at gmail dot com
  2. Delia Cuffy-Weekes, Ministry of Agriculture, email: cuffyd5 at hotmail dot com
  3. Robert Guiste, email:


  1. James Mohan, Head of Communication Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, email: james at spiceisle dot com
  2. Kelly Patrick, Ministry of Agriculture, email:


  1. Deborrah Thomas-Maison, Executive Assistant, Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA), email:
  2. Royce Beveney, Youth Officer, GRPA, email:

St. Kitts & Nevis

  1. Godwin Francis, Ministry of Agriculture, email: godozz57 at hotmail dot com
  2. Jason Connor, Ministry of Education, email: