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We talk to the participants about using the digital audio, to broadcast it to listeners. We give them a short talk on how the sound when first spoken gets recorded on to a microphone, which is then fed into a mixing console, and then gets treated, and gets fed into a computer. We then edit this sound on the computer using software, and then send the sound from the computer in to a transmitter. This transmitter, then sends this sound signal (by now converted into an electromagnetic signal) to an antenna which sends it out in to the air. Then depending on strength of transmitter, measured in Watts, and height of antenna measured in meters, determines how far your radio signal reaches. Your radio set, decodes the radio signal back in to sound which then comes out through your radio speaker. Then we give them an even shorter talk about FM radio which basically modulates the frequency of the radio wave. So for different speeds of frequency being modulated, there is a value allocated. So Mega Hertz is your frequency value multiplied by 10 to the power of 6.