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General Programming Tips

  • When outside, try and minimize traffic and other ambient sounds unless required by the program
  • Always put your back towards the direction of the wind while recording
  • Introduce and conclude your program well before getting into the main content
  • Maintain thumb's distance from recorder/mic while speaking into it
  • Before going to record, check battery, recorder buttons and keep spares
  • While going for an interview, always have an appointment
  • Brief your interviewee about the subject and questions at least a day before recording
  • Make sure everyone involved in the recording has their mobile phone switched off
  • Do not give the recorder to the interviewee; you should have control always
  • Ask clear concise questions; not long leading questions
  • Maintain accuracy in questions
  • Do substantial research before doing any program
  • Try and minimize your involvement in the program; as many community voices as possible
  • Always leave some breathing space for adding sound effects, small announcements, music in the editing stage
  • Use mic filter to avoid popping sounds
  • Always introduce yourself and purpose of recording before recording anything
  • Take phone numbers or other contact details of the people you've talked to, in case you need information later
  • Be neutral towards all interviewees or talents
  • If pre-recorded program in the studio, then provide copies of scripts to all talents, editors etc
  • Maintain a friendly, clear and personal tone of voice while recording
  • Always have an interesting, catchy introduction and a strong conclusion
  • "Be You, Be New, Be True"

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