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In this relatively straightforward session, we introduce the participants to the policy as released by the Government of India, in its policy guidelines on November 16th 2006. We start the session by clarifying who is eligible to apply for a community broadcasting license. Mostly, the participants fall under the non-profit section. The rules for this section are mentioned explicitly. The technical considerations for this section is a maximum of 100 Watt ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and maximum 30 meters of tower height, with a minimum of 15 meters of tower height. The next section is the programming part of the policy, wherein it is explicitly mentioned what areas of programming are prohibited, i.e. news, current affairs, political programming, religious programming, hate speech, discriminatory programming against women, children, judiciary, etc. Further, we also explain revenue generation mechanisms, i.e. 5 minutes of advertising for every hour of broadcast. The advertising code has to be compatible with the All India Radio advertising code. Further, the policy also makes it clear as to what is the purpose of setting up community radio stations, i.e. the educational, developmental, social and cultural needs of the community should be addressed; programmes should be broadcast in the local language/dialect of the community, in which the station is situated etc. The full details of the policy requirements are given here.

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