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Workshop schedule

The workshop sessions were as follows:

  1. Review of the original programme design for "Khabru Mamahe")
  2. Detailed design of the first programme including choice of formats,sources and learner support#
  3. Skills training
    • Interview skills
    • Drama and role play (and the creation of a youth drama group)
    • Quiz and riddles
    • Learner Support
    • Production - using the example programme 1 design
    • technical training integrated into the production of programme 1 and during evenings in preparation for broadcasting
      • Recording and use of microphones
      • Digital editing with Audacity
      • Use of media players in management of audio content for broadcasting
      • Recording copies of full broadcast programmes
  4. Governance - development of the operational plan
    • Roles of the committee
    • Roles of the youth drama group
    • Roles of the review team
    • Roles of the health workers
    • Roles of the production team
    • Members of all the above
    • Communications plan including content sharing
    • Monitoring plan
    • Budget