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Welcome to our Community Journalism space on WikiEducator.

Here are a few ideas to explore:

  • How an online community journalism course could be developed / delivered to increase reporting skills globally;
  • How Web 2.0 (wikis, blogs, social bookmarking) can be used to promote personalised continuous learning among CJ professionals over time and space, compared to formal distance-learning;
  • How online communities led and run by CJ professionals can improve the impact of training programmes;
  • Linking CJ professionals through online communities to conduct journalism research projects, get mentoring support online, share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on developing best (or 'good') practices, thus strengthening the evidence-research-practice linkages.

There are lots of compelling ideas and inspiration from CJ innovators, such as Land & Food Systems and Citizen Journalism, University of British Columbia, Canada - at Open Education 2009, in Vancouver, Canada

Online Learning Communities

  • HIV AIDS LearnShare Africa -- Facilitated the development of the HIV AIDS Learn Share Africa online community for community media professionals in Africa. We facilitated the development of this online community, and used a blended learning approach to build a community around a workshop, a wiki and a discussion forum.The OER foundation offered a unique collaborative partnership for long term sustainability, increased productivity and performance of learning ecologies on HIV AIDS. (Randy Fisher & Gurmit Singh

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